Spreading Holiday Cheer

Spreading Holiday Cheer

To help spread holiday cheer, Robin Hood supporters joined homeless families at a Women in Need shelter in East New York to build gingerbread houses.

The Things They Carry

The Things

What's it like to lose everything? What do you fight to keep? In a video series, five formerly homeless New Yorkers share the keepsakes they held onto.

David Saltzman Says Goodbye

David Says Goodbye

After 27 years as Robin Hood's executive director, David Saltzman moved on. During his final days with the organization, he reflected back on an extraordinary career.

Start by Asking Campaign

Start by Asking

In an op-ed, Robin Hood President Reynold Levy explained how we will connect eligible New Yorkers to $500 million in federal benefits by launching the largest outreach campaign of its kind.

Landing a Job At A Nonprofit

Help Changing Careers

Allen Smith had a successful career in investment banking, but he was eager to move to a nonprofit. He struggled until he enrolled in Robin Hood's LeaderLink program.

Single Stop

Helping Kids Stay In School

A study found that college students who use Single Stop's services are less likely to drop out and more likely to take additional credits.